Welcome to Ramsey Longhorns

Welcome to Ramsey Longhorns Ranch.  Our Longhorn journey began in 2021 when we were invited to attend the Red McCombs sale with some friends. We were just going to drink wine and enjoy the Texas Hill Country with no intention of buying any cows.

WOW! Were we wrong...we were instantly hooked and addicted. We began looking and studying these beautiful animals. We were enamored with the breed and had 20 cows within the first year!  Each of our cows have a great story behind them and were hand picked and pre-qualified under our prerequisite of horns, structure, body, pedigree, & progeny.

Our belief is "Our starter herd was the most critical to brand our ranch for quality over quantity". We striving to breed for horns, body confirmation, unique coloration, calm disposition, with the end goal of 80+TTT.

Our ranch is located in Stephens county Texas and has been in the family for 40+ years. All of our cows are well taken care of with great nutrition, up to date vaccinations, and registered thru TLBAA.

Soon to be empty nesters with our three kids going to college, the longhorns have become “our babies” and where we spend most of our free time, so if you would like to come visit feel free to contact us.

Jarrad & Kristy Ramsey